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Commune of CLERVAL
In the past, chief-town of the lord seigniory of CLERVAL
County of Franche-Comté

Origins of the name ot the town :
......Clerval comes from "clair" which meant cleared (as in the word clearing), and from "val" which meant valley.
In the past, this valley was taken up by a forest. In order to build the town in the nest of this valley, the trees of the forest were cut down. It is the meaning of the name of Clerval : "
clearing of the valley".


The history
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The dolmen of Santoche


A fews
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Blazon of Clerval :
.......On a red background, two keys, one of gold, and one of silver are placed like an X.
On top of the keys : a sun with a smiling face.

Under the keys : an old tool which was used to light the fire ( This metal piece was taken in one hand, and people stroke on a silex to get sparkles.This old tool was called a flint or strike-a-light. "fusil or briquet" in old french language.)

Meaning of the blazon :
......The red color, the disposition of the keys as a St Andrey cross remind us of the armories of the great Burgundy to which the seigniory of Clerval belonged.
The flint or strike-a-light (which is often depicted as a lying B called Flint of Burgundy
"Briquet de Bourgogne") clearly recalls Burgundy.
....The keys and the sun can be read as a picture puzzle : "Key"= Clé is the first syllabe of the word Clerval ; the sun calls up here the word "clear"(What can be clearer than the sun ?), it is there too an assonance with the first syllabe of Clerval.

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